This is urgent! Amendments needed to fix make these bills.

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Posted on: 07 Dec 2023


An influential committee in the Florida state legislature will be voting on a trifecta of legislation (SB 7000, SB 7002, and SB 7004) that would change current regulations governing government-run schools (public schools) on December 12th.


Urgent amendments need to happen to make these bills the best possible. 


Take action now and send this petition to the sponsors of the bills to urge them to amend the bills to make them the best possible.


Florida Citizens Alliance supports the intent of the bills and much of what is in the bills. However, I can’t stress this enough… Some crucial amendments must be made. 


Some of these amendments include not removing the auditor requirement and not undermining the current requirements for advancement to the 4th grade from the 3rd grade. 


Help protect the gains we’ve made in past years. Send this petition to the sponsors now.