Protect Florida's Kids and Support HB 1

Supporters: 391

Posted on: 23 Feb 2024

Tell Governor DeSantis to protect kids from harm and support HB 1 immediately. 

HB 1 is a bill that combines protections for minors on social media and additional protections for minors from being exposed to obscene materials, but Governor DeSantis might veto it.  

Patriot, we can’t allow him to do that.

Social media protections for minors are needed for several reasons:

  • Increase in depression and anxiety from exposure to inappropriate or traumatic content 

  • Exposure to online predators that could lead to trafficking

  • Exposure to cyberbullying

  • The list goes on and on… 

With those dangers lurking at our children's fingertips, there’s no wonder why  67% of Florida voters favor the legislation. 

Help protect the hope for Florida’s children. Send this petition to the Governor now. Tell him to stand with Florida and help protect students and children from the harm of obscene materials and the negative effects of social media.