Reminder-Step Up for Students strategic partnership with Equality Florida

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Posted on: 09 Feb 2023

The Florida House is actively considering HB1 Education Savings Account.

Florida Citizens Alliance and many of our strategic partners wholeheartedly support the concept, but there are several aspects of the bill we are working hard to change to make the ESA the best it can be for all students in Florida.

As currently structured, HB1 substantially expands the role of Step Up for Students. Step Up is a non-government  Student Funding Organization that administers all of Florida's k-12 Tax Credit, Family Empowerment, and Hope scholarships. Today they are a bureaucratic monopoly!


A little over two years ago, Step up accepted a $1m grant from Equality Florida in an attempt to require all private schools in Florida to train their teachers in  LGBTQ and gender dysphoria.

Florida Citizens Alliance is strongly advocating to change the economic provisions in FS 1002.395 that created Step Up as a monopoly. We want to see a dramatic expansion in the number of SFOs that administer Florida K-12 Scholarships and certainly dont want to further expand the power of Step Up.

We also strongly disagree with Step-Ups woke views on LGBTQ and Gender Dysphoria.

Please send this petition to your legislators urging them to reduce the monopoly power of Step Up by changing the economics in FS 1002.395 to encourage many Student Funding Organizations.