Urge the House Commerce and the Senate Children, Families, and Elder Affairs Committee to hear HB 1463 and SB 1620

Supporters: 104

Posted on: 16 Mar 2023

The Florida House and Senate are actively considering HB 1463 and similar SB 1620.

Florida Citizens Alliance urges Chair Rommel of the House Commerce Committee and Senate Chair Ileana Garcia to hear these bills in a timely manner to allow them a fair hearing in both chambers.

FLCA believes that these bills should be heard due to the contents of the bills, including removing the Miller Test and helping stop Pornography and Technology Addiction for the protection of young children. The Miller test is a US Supreme Court Decision from years ago that applies to adults and protects sexually-explicit materials with literary value”. This does not apply to minors and should be removed from FS 847.001.


Please send this petition to the House and Senate, asking them to hear the bill in a timely manner.