Support the New Rule that Prohibits Classroom Instruction on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

Supporters: 288

Posted on: 14 Apr 2023

The Florida State Board of Education will vote on April 19th in Tallahassee to prohibit classroom instruction in all government schools on sexual orientation and gender identity (6A-10.081). This rule will cover every grade level in government schools. 


Florida Citizens Alliance wholeheartedly supports this new rule. We believe that this rule upholds parents' rights to decide when and if to introduce their child to this material. We oppose inflicting a sexualized woke agenda on Florida students.  


Please send this petition to the State Board of Education Members asking them to vote yes on this new rule. We also encourage each of you to sign up for public comment using this link:  Then, click on "Submit Comment" for Proposed Rule 6A-10.081.