Stand With FLCA in Supporting Legislation Expanding that will Help in Removing Sexually Explicit Materials from Schools.

Supporters: 143

Posted on: 02 May 2023

The Florida Senate is actively considering the final passage of SB 1320 on Wednesday, May 3. This bill by Senator Clay Yarborough revises the provisions relating to materials for specified instruction regarding reproductive health and would provide that district school boards are responsible for materials used in classroom libraries, among other subjects. It also clarifies the term Sex” in Florida statutes based on chromosomes. It bans the use of preferred pronouns in the classroom that do not correspond to the Sex” based on their chromosomes of the child. It also expands the ban on gender identity and sexual identity instruction from Pre-K through 8th. 


Florida Citizens Alliance and many of our strategic partners wholeheartedly support this bill. We believe this bill will help in our fight to remove sexually explicit materials from schools.


FLCA also supported HB 1069 which was the companion bill. 


Please send this petition to your State Senator urging them to support SB 1320/HB 1069.