Stand Up for Choice In Schools

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Posted on: 05 Feb 2024

Fellow Patriot,

If your child could have access to Chaplains at school, would you allow them to see one?

There’s no time to waste! Take action now to allow another layer of school choice within schools.

The school chaplains will provide support, services, and programs to students that the school districts do not currently offer. 

SB 1044 by Senator Grall and its House counterpart HB 931 would allow parents to choose if they want their child to have access to chaplains at school. This program is completely voluntary for both the chaplains and the students. Also, the bill states that the chaplain must disclose their religious affiliation to the parent prior to allowing their child access. 

Time is of the essence, Patriot. This legislation will be heard in the Senate Education Pre-K-12 Committee on Tuesday, February 6. 

Help to allow students to have access to chaplain services at school and allow parents to have a say. Send a message now to the state senate Education Pre-K-12 Committee to allow another layer of choice.