Help Protect Children from Predators

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Posted on: 29 Jan 2024

Fellow Patriot, 

Florida ranks third in America in human trafficking cases according to a recent article by ABC 3 News out of Pensacola. 

There’s no time to waste! Take action now and help protect children from predators.

One of the biggest activities that leads to human trafficking is grooming. 

That’s why SB 1238 and its counterpart in the House HB 1135 would seek to stop human trafficking and other acts associated before it happens by codifying into law a definition for grooming and associated penalties related to the act of grooming.

Time is of the essence, fellow patriot. This legislation will be heard in the Senate Criminal Justice Committee on Tuesday, January 30th. 

Help protect the hope for Florida’s children. Send a message now to the state senate criminal justice committee and help protect children from having their innocence stripped away.