Please Make Education Savings Account (ESA) HB 1 and SB 202 the Best Possible

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Posted on: 04 Mar 2023

The Florida House and Florida Senate are actively considering HB1 and SB 202 Education Savings Account.

Florida Citizens Alliance and many of our strategic partners wholeheartedly support the concept, but there are several aspects of the bill we are working hard to change to make the ESA the best it can be for all students in Florida.

The bills need to do three things:

1.       Protect the education freedom of homeschooling parents who take the Personalized Education Program. This can be done by allowing them to continue to have a Choice” to take a DOE test or use a student portfolio as they can today in FS 1002.41

2.       Amend HB 1 and SB 202 to allow parents leaving public schools to use the HOPE Scholarship funds for homeschooling using FS 1002.41

3.       Protect the religious freedom of all private, Personalized Education Program (PEP)” parents and homeschool parents.

Note: PEP is a new category created by the Legislature for Homeschoolers who chose to take the ESA money.


Please send this petition to your legislators urging them to adopt the above three points.