Commend Gov. DeSantis for calling a special legislative session

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Posted on: 04 Nov 2021

All of us at Florida Citizens’ Alliance commend and thank Governor DeSantis for calling a Special Legislative Session to fulfill the primary responsibility of government; securing the rights of the people. As the Declaration of Independence affirms, Americans form government with the most basic duty to secure their rights. By calling a special legislative session to strengthen parental rights and protect health care rights, our Governor is leading the nation in defending and preserving the rights of the people. The approach to masks is pretty straight forward: no Florida government agency can impose a mask mandate without prior Florida Legislative approval. The approach to vaccines is more complicated with varied possibilities. We urge the Governor and Florida’s Legislators to use Florida’s Civil Rights Act FS 760.01 to declare a Florida Citizens Health and immunization status to be a “protected “ class just as age, sex, race etc. are protected. Stiff penalties must be attached for any government agency or commercial business who violates this. We urge all Floridians to join us in supporting the Governor’s initiative. Together we can show people everywhere that Florida is a land of liberty where free people thrive. Together we can lead the nation through the uncertainty and chaos of our times to the bright future embodied by the resolve and resilience of the people of Florida. Let the bright sunshine of Florida banish the darkness of masks and mandates. When liberty is secured, hope is renewed! Lead on Governor DeSantis!