CALL TO ACTION: Should parents control the sexually explicit curriculum their child is exposed to? We say unequivocally YES!

Supporters: 438

Posted on: 14 Apr 2021

In January, HB 545 and its identical SB 410, that FLCA drafted, started out as an aggressive bill to strengthen Florida’s anti-pornography statutes. It also included a strong opt-in that puts parents in complete control of sexually explicit material that school districts could use with their child. Unfortunately, it has morphed into a bill we strongly oppose and we are asking you to help us convince members of the FL House Education and Employment Committee to vote NO. The House sponsor, Rep. Linda Chaney, has gone against her own early commitment to fight relentlessly for parents rights to opt-in. Instead, she has decided to support the opt-out provision in Senate Bill 410, which was proposed by Senator Brandes when he hijacked SB 410. Chaney then amended PCB 545 to mirror the SB 410 opt-out version. The difference between Opt-in and Opt-out could not be more stark! Inevitably the curriculum school districts use will reflect someone’s values. An opt-in puts the parents’ values front & center & requires the school to persuade the parent that the curriculum will benefit their child. And Opt-in requires advanced written parental approval. An opt-out puts the power & choice of values in the hands of the school/government. The School district decides the curriculum and values and the parent, if paying very close attention, can opt -out. Most wont realize what is happening until after. Why are legislators so eager to put parents on defense rather than require the school/government to convince the parents? The burden must be on the school/government not on the parents. We need your voice to get this latest House Opt-out bill defeated. It actually undermines the spirit and progress made by the recent House passage of Parents Rights 241. Florida Citizens Alliance is asking you to help us fight to stop this strengthening of government/school district power. Please submit the petition at right, which will go to every member of the House Education & Employment Committee.