AA: Important FLCA position update for Special Session Nov 15. Send today and share.

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Posted on: 14 Nov 2021

Last week we posted an Action Alert encouraging you to tell your legislators to support the 4 bills being proposed for the Special Session. This is all moving very rapidly. We are asking you to send an update to your legislators amending your support on HB1/SB 2 COVID 19 Mandates. An existing law that was passed last cycle (SB 2006), is the most effective way to protect our individual rights. The current proposed legislation contains some very positive steps to protect government agencies from government mandate overreach, but it does not protect your individual rights from businesses who can fire you for non-compliance. It creates discrimination and segregation of unvaccinated employees. Instead of “Keeping Florida Free”, this bill will further restrict the rights of Floridians. If passed as drafted today it will not apply the “law” equally and therefore, we will see further discrimination increase. No Floridian should ever have to ask permission for their Freedom. All Floridians are at risk to get and spread COVID-19 and all should be treated in the same manner, equally. The entire world is watching Florida set the pace for Freedom and their press conferences words must match what passes legislation this special session and today it does none of this. Amending SB2006 is the necessary path forward. Retaining the policy set for within this statute for testing which would be applied equally as data has shown both vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals can get infection, spread, and shed the virus. The language to create an equality for all Floridians is available here: https://floridacitizensalliance.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/ACTION-ALERT-SUPPLEMENT-HB1-SB2.pdf